In search of the gentleman

The quintessence of everything we do is quality. But when we talk about quality, we mean more than clothes and fashion. It is rather an attitude to life, and is just as much an inner attribute as being about external accessories. An ability to be careful about details. To respect craftsmanship and tradition – and at the same time, to be here and now, and stay curious about the future.

The elevated and refined sense of life is summarised in the modern gentleman – who, of course, might as well be a gentlewoman. For a gentleman, fashion is not a way to become someone else, but to strengthen the real you. It's having style, but even more, it’s about having a personality. The true gentleman makes the clothes stand out, the clothes don’t make the man.

It’s this image of the gentleman we have in mind when we develop our range. We want it to be characterised by products that make a real difference. Products which help the wearer to express an attitude towards life and become more like himself. Accessories for people who never compromise on small things and believe that quality makes life bigger. Gentlepeople.

Our story begins with

To me, today's gentlemen are characterised by integrity and self-esteem, but also openness. They know that there are rules to follow, rules to break – and what the difference is between them. They prefer a few carefully selected garments rather than an overflowing wardrobe. And they don’t get dressed to put on a show, but to make a real statement. Offering products to the contemporary gentleman is my passion and driving force. Jens Engwall, CEO and owner